The All New Ford Explorer

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The Adventurous Ford Explorer


When adventure calls you beyond the paved roads, you can follow in the new 2019 Ford Explorer. Nothing can stop this durable SUV which is just as comfortable on highways as it is on unpaved backroads. Embrace the roads less traveled.


No Road? No Problem.


Do you have destinations in mind that don't have roads leading you there? No worries. The 2019 Ford Explorer can come equipped with Intelligent 4WD to help maintain traction, and the Terrain Management System makes it possible to choose between different settings to handle nearly any kind of terrain: mud, sand, gravel, or snow. The world has never been more accessible.

The 2017 Ford Explorer
The 2017 Ford Explorer

Technology Meets Safety


The Ford Safe & Smart package utilizes a wide range of sensors to alert you to unintentional lane shifting, set advanced cruise control settings, and informs you about potential collisions on the road ahead. With all of this capability, it's no wonder the 2019 Ford Explorer is considered one of the most advanced vehicles on the road today.


Home Away From Home


Adventure in style and comfort like never before. From the outside, everyone will recognized the strong contour lines that identify it as a Ford SUV as well as the dynamic grille. From the inside of the roomy interior, you'll enjoy all of the advanced entertainment and comfort options specially selected to maximize your experience. WIth the integration of Amazon Alexa, there have never been more ways to keep yourself and passengers entertained and comfortable.

The 2017 Ford Explorer

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