When the futuristic Ford Mustang Mach-E finally drops later this year, it’s bound to make big waves in the all-electric vehicle industry. 


Now, thanks to Electrify America’s vast network of charging stations, Mach-E owners will receive 250 kilowatt-hours of complimentary charging* via FordPass Rewards, ensuring that their electric vehicle journeys get off to a shockingly good start.


For those who opt for the extended range battery, 250 kilowatt hours of fast-charging energy comes out to more than three “fill-ups” for the Mach-E. For standard-range battery models, that amount of energy equals out to more than five.**


When speaking about this awesome new offer, Matt Stover, Ford director of charging, energy services, and business development, said the following.


“One of the main opportunities we have is educating our potential customers about road trip readiness. The 250 kilowatt-hours of complimentary charging we’re offering through FordPass Rewards and the FordPass Charging Network with Electrify America will give our Mustang Mach-E customers confidence in their ability to plan trips, no matter their destination.”


This new offer from Ford comes in addition to the recently announced two years of complimentary access to the FordPass Charging Network for easy pay-as-you go style charging.***


With Electrify America’s charging network (part of the overarching FordPass Charging Network), Mustang Mach-E customers will have access to the largest number of high-powered public electric vehicle charging stations available on the market today.


The FordPass Charging network offers more than 13,500 charging stations and almost 40,000 individual plugs. 

All told, this means that soon-to-be owners of the Mustang Mach-E are sure to be given more than enough tools to build a proper adventure behind the wheel of their new ride, and at Carman Ford, we’re just as excited as they are. 


To learn more about the upcoming all-electric Mustang Mach-E and how you can get behind the wheel of the future, visit Carman Ford today!


* To qualify for complimentary charging offer, modem must be activated within 60 days of purchase through the FordPass app on a smartphone. Complimentary charging expires two years from date of activation. Offer excludes idle fees and parking violations associated with charging upon purchase of the vehicle.

** Fast charging fill-up is defined as a charge event from 10 percent to 80 percent state of charge. Charge time based on manufacturer tests. The charging rate decreases as battery reaches full capacity. Your results may vary based on peak charging times and battery state of charge.

*** Based on original equipment manufacturers/automotive manufacturers that sell all-electric vehicles and have publicly announced charging networks. Department of Energy data used. FordPass, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available via a download. Message and data rates may apply.

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