The Importance of A Routine Pre-Drive Check

While we’re always busy running from one place to another, it’s important to develop good habits and take a moment to briefly inspect your car before getting behind the wheel and heading to your next destination. Remembering to look over your car’s basic features from your tires to your lights will help you avoid unnecessary costs, and it’ll help you stay on the road without incident.

Watch Your Tires

As you approach your car, take a moment to walk around your vehicle and look over all four tires. While some people may feel it's unnecessary to check their tires if they were recently replaced, they must still ensure they are properly inflated. Many of us driver over sharp objects, such as nails, every day without realizing it. Identifying a punctured tire while your stationary gives you the opportunity to either put your spare on or carefully get to a gas station to fill your punctured tire with air, before it’s too late. Catching a flat tire before it’s too late allows you to patch it at a much cheaper price and saves you from damaging your rim and having to pullover on the side of the road to call a tow truck or change it yourself.

Functioning Lights

Many of us don’t know if a turn signal, taillight or brake light is out until a kind stranger or friend driving behind us lets us know. It’s important to develop a routine to check your headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and tail lights so we’re more aware on our own of our vehicle’s needs. Before you pull out of the driveway, turn on your lights and test each turn signal to make sure they are still functioning properly. If you have a passenger with you, have them check your brake lights before you leave. The last person you want to inform you that your light is burned out is a police officer writing you a fine.

Beep Before You Drive

On cold mornings, we all want to quick turn the car on and blast the heat as we either let it warm up and finish getting ready or head out for our commute. However, we’re not the only ones seeking shelter from the cold. Many small animals from rodents to house cats find their way inside our vehicles and under the hood curling up next to the warm engine as it cools off. Turning your car on with a small animal inside will most likely lead to a fatal accident for them and could leave you with a mess. To prevent harming any neighborhood cats, be sure to bang on your hood or beep  your horn a few times. This will startle any animals seeking refuge under the hood and give them time to scurry off before you start your engine.

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