Ford and Bosch Partner to Implement Virtual Reality Training Course for Service Technicians


Ford will be the first automaker to partner with Bosch and pilot the company’s virtual reality training tool. Through the virtual reality simulation, Ford technicians will learn how to service the Mustang Mach-E’s high-voltage system including the removal and installation of the main battery and how to repair the battery pack itself.


“Technicians will be immersed in a simulated and gamified world, meaning they won’t need to rely on actual Mustang Mach-E vehicles to learn about its components, including the electric SUV’s new high-voltage system,” said Dave Johnson, director of Ford service engineering operations. “This new virtual reality training tool allows technicians to understand the components and steps required to service these high-voltage systems, then confidently perform diagnostics and maintenance.”


Bosch first developed a prototype to their virtual reality training idea in 2019 where instructors, technicians, and college students all tried it out. Bosch is continuing to develop their virtual reality training tool, working on future extensions where technicians can utilize virtual reality to enter the vehicle and navigate through modules similar to walking through rooms. By navigating between different modules, the technicians will be able to determine the issue and repair the vehicle.


“The virtual reality training solution is about new technology that builds efficiency,” said Geoff Mee, director of operations for Bosch. “By improving the diagnostic process, technicians are able to perform maintenance and make repairs faster and more easily.”


Ford and Bosch are using Oculus Quest virtual reality headsets from Facebook and are working with Oculus for Business. While the virtual reality training course currently only covers the Mustang Mach-E’s powertrain, Ford may extend virtual reality training courses to cover other vehicles in the future.


Not only does implementing virtual reality training courses allow technicians to learn how to service vehicles without physically needing the vehicle there, it also can be used to attract potential new hires to the automotive repair industry. By advertising the automotive repair industry as innovative and using state-of-the-art technology, it could market more workers.

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