Customer satisfaction is a top priority to Ford, which is why the company is eliminating trial subscriptions and making FordPass, powered by FordPass Connect, remote features complimentary.

Ford is the first full-line automaker to offer its remote vehicle features and connected service complimentary to all customers on select model year vehicles.

“This approach truly sets us apart in the industry,” says Jason Sprawka, director, customer experience manager. “We know that keeping our customers connected and engaged is key to building a deeper relationship with them.”

Since FordPass was first introduced in 2016, users have enjoyed the convenience it has allowed by creating a single mobile platform where owners can remotely start/stop/unlock their vehicles, schedule maintenance at participating dealers, schedule start times, and chat with Ford Guides, plus more.

Ford also offers their accompanying customer loyalty program, FordPass Rewards, at no additional charge. Through the program, Ford customers are able to earn points that can be redeemed for complimentary maintenance.

Another standard feature that Ford currently implements is their 911 Assist system, which uses SYNC® technology to pair with a mobile device to automatically contact 911 services and provide GPS coordinates should an airbag deploys.

“When customer experience is consistently done correctly it increases loyalty,” said Kari Novatney, FordPass. “We think it’s important for our customers to have the ability to conveniently and safely access their vehicle from the FordPass app anyplace and anytime.”

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