Ford Motor Company, holoride, and Universal Pictures partnered together to offer guests, for a limited time only, the opportunity to partake in a complementary in-car virtual reality experience  at Universal CityWalk.

“We are partnering with Ford and Universal to bring holoride’s immersive, elastic content to the general public,” said Nils Wollny, CEO and co-founder of holoride. “Riders will be able to experience first-hand what the future of in-vehicle entertainment looks like through the lens of the compelling story of the Bride of Frankenstein.”

Beginning October 14 and continuing through select dates until November 9, riders can step inside a 2020 Ford Explorer at Universal CityWalk, put on a VR headset and get ready for a journey with the re-imagined, virtual Bride of Frankenstein. The newly inspired content created by Universal Monsters in collaboration with immersive specialist, REWIND, will have riders encounter virtual monsters and obstacles in a fully immersive, virtual reality experience that adapts to the vehicle’s movement.. 

"The connected vehicle technology from Ford can help completely revolutionize what the in-car experience can be, moving us toward never-before-imagined productivity and entertainment in the vehicle,” said Brett Wheatley, vice president of Mobility Marketing and Growth at Ford. “This collaboration allows us to showcase the promise of the connected vehicle and get essential customer feedback on what they want and don’t want in terms of immersive in-car entertainment experiences.”

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