Ford Continues To Improve Services For Customer Experience

Ford is looking to further expand on its commitment to the Ford customer experience to continue to build loyalty. Some of the already existing services are being built out more extensively, other offerings are being revamped, and some new features are being created. With this new focus on the customer experience, Ford wants to show its commitment to each and every driver.

Through the FordPass app, Ford has already launched FordPass Rewards. In addition to the existing features like vehicle monitoring and scheduling of service, the new rewards program seeks to reward users who purchase or lease a new Ford. When they do this, they earn points that can be used towards service, parts, and even a new vehicle at participating Ford dealerships.

Ford has also launched a new style of call center, aimed at individual attention rather than passing an issue through different departments. Based in Houston, this new call center will be a model for others throughout the country. When someone at this location receives a call from a customer, the representative will “own the call” and stick with the customer on the phone throughout the process, until the purpose of the call is resolved.

Ford is also looking at increasing every customer’s access to service, even so far as to offer it at home, work, or anywhere the customer happens to be. The Ford Mobile Service pilot program seeks to make it easier for drivers to keep their Ford’s running smoothly, regardless of going to the dealer. This program is currently active in California, but will soon be expanding to Texas, Illinois, New Jersey and Florida. If the pilot is successful, more areas will be seeing this convenient service as well.

For more details about these and other services Ford is offering to improve the individual customer experience, click here.
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