Take A Time Out For Screen Fatigue

We spend so much of our day taking in information form screens and devices, that it can wear you down and make it harder to pay attention to the world around us. A Ford Trends Report revealed that most adults want to take a break from looking at these screens, going so far as wanting to make it a mandatory part of the day. The designers have taken this into consideration when it comes to integrating new features into the all-new Explorer.

While you’ll always have the ability to view information regarding your drive, the 2020 Explorer is incorporating a “Mindful Mode” which will allow drivers to declutter their screen to prevent themselves from being overwhelmed. The screen will only display the absolutely need-to-know information for drivers: fuel levels, speedometer, and the road ahead.

As vehicles have become more advanced, they’ve also incorporated more screens. It is Ford’s goal to give drivers an opportunity to disconnect if they want while driving. Sheryl Connelly of Ford Global Consumer Trends has said that, “People are increasingly aware of and alarmed by their device dependency. Yet if there’s one opportunity throughout the day to reduce your exposure to digital demands, it’s when you’re driving. Ford’s new Explorer can serve as a sanctuary from chaos and distraction.”

By finding these times to reduce the amount of information pouring into our eyes, Ford hopes to reduce the amount of stress drivers face every day. The limited information displayed during “Mindful Mode” can allow the mind to calm down a bit and focus less on taking in new data, and enjoy the drive more completely.

You can look forward to the 2020 Ford Explorer to hit dealers this summer.

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