The 2019 Ford Ranger's Trail Control Helps You Have Fun

In a new webspot for the 2019 Ford Ranger, Pat Parnell of Outside Television gives a rundown of the Trail Control™ technology. The technology is essentially cruise control for when you’re off the road. The smart feature lets drivers set a speed between one and twenty miles-per-hour. It’s designed for low traction, rugged terrain.

Trail Control™ manages your acceleration and braking by sending torque to each wheel as needed. This technology helps even seasoned off-roaders get more out of there 4x4 adventures.

Because you don’t have to worry about the throttle at all, you can focus on navigating the trail ahead. It’s designed to assist in all situations: mud, sand, rocks, and hill climbs. Steep obstacles are no longer an issue, Trail Control™ makes off-roading even more fun!

The new 2019 Ford Ranger is available now!

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