Ford Adds 500 New Jobs To Chicago Plant

Ford has taken the next major steps in bringing production and the company overall into the future of manufacturing. Chicago is home to the oldest continuously running production plant, and after almost $1 billion of investments and 500 new jobs, the location is looking better than ever. 

After bringing in new technology and more employees, the Ford company has made good on its investment announced earlier this year. In addition to improving the overall production and technology within the plant, new equipment was brought in to start building Ford’s all-new Explorer lineup, Police Interceptor Utility vehicles and all-new Lincoln Aviator. 

All of this work was done in one record-breaking month.

“This reflects American ingenuity at its finest,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president, Automotive. “In the first five days of the transformation, the team moved the scrap metal equivalent to the weight of the Eiffel Tower from the plant, making room for new equipment. Knowing this plant is set in a city and trucks could not go in and out of the plant at all hours, the team got creative and rented a barge, put all of the scrap metal on it, floated it a mile up the river to a recycling center, then moved in more than 500 truckloads of new technology.”

Some of the new technologies brought to the plant include two 3D printers, 600 new robots, and an updated paint shop. In addition, almost 500 error-proofing tools were also implemented to make these new SUVs the highest quality possible. 

$40 million was also allocated towards improving conditions for employees as well. New break rooms, LED lighting, and facility updates area have been installed to further the comfort of employees and staff. 

“This plant is 95 years old but it’s just like new,” said Robert Washington, Chicago Assembly Plant employee. “I love to see the products we build out on the roads. It makes me very proud.”

Moving forward, Ford hopes to continue the trajectory of these improvements across the board. Stay tuned for future developments and improvements in Ford facilities!

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