55 Years Of The Mustang

April 17th marked National Mustang Day and the 55th anniversary of the launch of the iconic line. For the fourth consecutive year, the Mustang has been the world’s best-selling sports coupe.

According to IHS Markit data, the Mustang sold 113,066 cars in 2018 all over the world. As one of the most popular vehicles in the world, let alone the best-selling sports coupe, it’s no surprise that it was also the best-selling sports car in the United States. Over the course of its 55 year history, the Mustang has always stood out as a monument to freedom and power.

Jim Farley, Ford President of Global Markets said that “We broke the mold when Ford launched the Mustang 55 years ago.” As one of the most recognizable sports cars on the road in the world today, there’s no denying that the Mustang is a globally recognized icon. Farley went on to say, “The roar of its V8 on a spring day, there’s nothing better. No wonder it’s the most popular sports coupe in the world.”

As of 2018, the Mustang was available in 146 countries according to Ford sales data. Only counting sixth-generation models, the Mustang sold over 500,000 units all over the world since 2015. The Mustang also increased its global share which now stands at 15.4 percent, partially due to the immensely popular Mustang Bullitt.

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