Ford F-Series Sales Increase For 16th Consecutive Month In August

Ford Motor Company has released their sales report for the month of August 2018, and the results show nothing but good news for Ford’s F-Series line of pickup trucks.

August saw F-Series sales increase for the 16th-straight month, marking the immense popularity of Ford’s signature line of pickups. High trim Super Duty sales were especially strong, with the more expensive models making up over half of all Super Duty sales. The average price of a Super Duty sold in August was a record number of $58,700 per truck.

Currently, Ford is the country’s top seller of trucks, SUVs and vans combined, with the company selling 174,443 vehicles in the month of August. That is an 11.4 percent gain for the month. So far this year, the Blue Oval has sold 1,300,400 of the vehicles this month, up 3.5 percent from this time last year.

Ford SUVs also saw some good numbers last month, with the Ford Expedition up 94.6 percent. There were 5,485 Expeditions sold this August, with 2,819 sold in August 2017. The Ford Explorer had its best August sales in 14 years, selling 21,599 vehicles.  

Keeping in line with the high amount of trucks, vans and SUVs sold in August, The Ford Transit van saw a 25 percent increase in August, with the company selling a total of 12,725 vehicles. Last August, Ford sold 10,172 Transit vans. Currently, the Transit is the world’s best-selling caro van and the country’s top-selling van.

“Business confidence remains strong, providing continued strong support for Transit sales,” Ford said in a statement.

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