Yakima Outdoor Accessories To Be Available At Ford Dealerships

Would you be surprised to find items other than vehicles for sale at an automotive dealer? Such retailers are often very straightforward, and other items aren’t typically for sale there. However, buyers may find themselves with the option to purchase outdoor accessories at Ford dealerships, and the 2019 Ford Ranger is to thank.

The mid-size pickup returns to the Ford lineup after several years of production hiatus. For those familiar with previous models, this pickup will appear vastly different. The new Ranger has been completely remodeled and will boast the Ford toughness that has made the larger F-150 famous.

The 2019 Ford Ranger is also built with the adventurer in mind. The pickup is designed to perform both on and off road and is perfectly suited to both environments. In light of this, Ford will start carrying Yakima outdoor accessories in conjunction with its new midsize pickup. These accessories are perfectly suited for the Ranger and adventure-first drivers.

The addition of Yakima Accessories is exciting, especially since drivers can choose to add the cost of the accessories into their financing. Included in these optional accessories are a bed rack, cab rack, bed extender, and a tailgate pad. These accessories will be available for Ford customers in 2019 alongside the highly-anticipated 2019 Ford Ranger.
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