Ford Is Founding A Self-Driving Vehicle Business


Throughout its history, Ford has been at the forefront of the automotive industry, pushing technology forward through innovation. This attribute continues to this day, as the company researches alternative fuels and other modes of transportation. Today though, Ford’s most prominent focus in vehicle development is likely self-driving

What once may have just been a dream is now transitioning into a reality. Ford is actively testing self-driving vehicles and determining how these advanced vehicles would fit on today’s roads. It’s important to note that developing self-driving vehicles goes much further than just designing the vehicles; Ford must develop an entire
network for the new vehicles.

In order to build a self-driving fleet, Ford must build an entire business around it. Perhaps the most important part of this successful business is the intelligence behind the vehicle; for Ford, this is an AI system developed with their partners Argo AI. After this, the company has to plan for maintaining and coordinating an entire fleet of self-driving vehicles. This takes time and effort, which is why Ford is already working on the process now.

Ford plans on utilizing these self-driving vehicles for a multitude of uses. The company plans on using these vehicles to transport both people and goods. Ford is integrating smartphone applications into this process, meaning that these self-driving vehicles can be hailed over the phone. The entirety of building this self-driving business means constructing a network of support, logistics, and services that can coincide with these new vehicles. Luckily, Ford is well on its way to establishing an entire business focused on self-driving vehicles.
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