May Sales For Ford F-Series Up 11 Percent

Ford Motor Company released their sales results for the month of May, with numbers showing that sales for Ford F-Series trucks have increased significantly compared to May of last year. In 2018, Ford saw an 11.3 percent increase from May 2017 numbers, which put the vehicles’ immense popularity on direct display.

Ford sold a total of 76,027 F-Series vehicles in 2017, but the company eclipsed that this year, selling 84,639 vehicles, an increase of more than 8,600 F-series trucks this year.

Mark LaNeve, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service, said that the truck series is headed toward its ninth straight year of sales gains.

“F-Series didn’t miss a beat this month. With sales up 11 percent in May and 6 percent year-to-date, F-Series is off to its best start since 2000 and is on track to deliver its ninth consecutive year gain,” he said.

The company's sales report maintained that there is a continued preference shift from passenger cars to SUVs, and that Ford’s sales report shows that Ford is matching their offerings with consumer preferences.

“The generational shift from passenger cars to SUVs continues with industry retail passenger cars sales estimated to be down 10 percent, while SUV sales are up 13 percent – playing into Ford brand’s leadership position in combined Trucks and SUVs, matching consumer preferences for these vehicles,” the company said.

The company saw an overall increase in the number of trucks and SUVs sold this May compared to May 2017, with the sale of cars seeing a 13.3 percent decrease during the same two months. The company saw an overall increase of 1 percent in the number of total vehicles sold in May, compared to May 2017’s totals, as well.

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