Michigan Central Station a Hub of Future Voices

Ford as a company, and automotive manufacturer specifically, has had a significant impact on the history of the United States and the world. The vehicles that the company has manufactured have been driven worldwide. While this global influence is important, the effects that Ford has had on America is staggering. Ford’s history is tied directly with that of the country, particularly the city of Detroit.

Detroit is the city in which Ford found its start. Over time, the company moved much of its business away from its birthplace. In recent years however, Ford has dedicated itself to the city, and it is clear that the company is planning its future there. Recently, Ford purchased the now-abandoned Michigan Central Station, which will serve as a hub on the company’s future campus.

The station was also just the location of Reimagined Detroit Tech. This was a Ford-run event where young community members gathered to focus on problem solving and challenges within the neighborhood of Corktown. The neighborhood is historic, but it has a strong younger generation.

Ford plans to use the Michigan Central Station, and the rest of its Corktown campus, to bring rejuvenation and prosperity back into the neighborhood. To do so, the company wants to connect with the community; the Reimagined Detroit Tech event was just the way to do it. The historic Corktown neighborhood will host the future of the Ford Motor Company.
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