Drones Find Home in Ford Plants

Ford has remained a top company in the automotive industry for a variety of reasons. Two of these chief reasons are the company’s innovation and technological advances. Ford has managed to stay ahead by integrating new methods and technology into the manufacturing process, which streamlines the work on all levels.

The number of streamlined implements that Ford has put into place is quite large. Recently, the company added another technology to this growing list. Ford has begun utilizing drones in its manufacturing plants. Previously used for their entertainment value, companies like Ford are realizing the vast number of possible uses drones present in a professional setting.

Workers at Ford’s Dagenham Engine Plant, located in the UK, have been using drones to inspect roofs, pipework, and scaffolding. All three require regular maintenance and inspection, but both tasks can be quite dangerous. With drones, Ford employees can check on these precarious positions without any climbing.

Safety is key here, and workers no longer have to climb several stories up to complete these standard inspections. However, the implementation of drones has also been a time saver. Inspections that would last all day to complete now only require a couple of minutes. This is just one example of Ford using technology to stay at the top of efficiency.

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