WATCH: Ford Europe Unleashes The Ford Ranger Raptor

The Ford Ranger may be returning to the United States for 2019, but Ford is revealing a whole other version of the Ranger in Europe in the same year: The Ford Ranger Raptor.

The Ranger Raptor is essentially the baby brother to the Ford F-150 Raptor, but it packs the same amount of attitude and off-road capabilities as its larger sibling. The Ranger raptor was specially-designed for off-road use from bumber to bumper.

The vehicle utilizes Fox Pro performance-based suspension, a ladder frame chassis made from high-strength low-alloy steel, a front skid plate and durable tires to prepare the Ranger Raptor for all types of terrain.

The vehicle also has the smarts to back up its brawn, with a Terrain Management System giving drivers the ability to match the Ranger Raptor’s performance to the ground below it. Driver’s can choose from six drive modes: normal, sport, grass, gravel and snow, mud and sand, rock, and baja mode to get the most out of their off-road experience.

There are rumors that the Ranger Raptor could hit the American market in 2021, but Ford has not confirmed or announced any intentions to bring the Ranger Raptor to the United States. The good news? There have been sightings by auto journalists of a Ranger Raptor prototype with a left-hand drive.

If you have any doubts about the Ford Ranger Raptor’s ability, this video should put them to rest. Ford Europe released a trailer teasing the Ranger Raptor on an off-road course and — a fair warning — the truck is incredible.

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